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Eden Growrooms is a division of Craig Industries, Inc. and has provided customers with unparalleled customer satisfaction since its beginning in 1986. Eden Growrooms now brings this superior customer service to the horticultural market.

From Fast, friendly customer service to quick shipping and quick quote response, Eden’s customer service department cannot be beat in the industry. Every call is answered by a person. No answering machines during working hours!


Questions & Answers

What is an Eden Grow Room?

Eden Growrooms are highly insulated and climate controlled rooms that allow for complete control of a plants growing environment. Due to advancements in space age technologies, consumers and gardeners can take gardening to a whole new level. A concept that until now has only been available in expensive lab units owned by universities and science labs. Eden provides the room, heating and AC and one of our approved distributors will provide and help you design a unit to your specifications and needs. Then the unit does the rest.

Why Would I Want One?

  • Eden Growrooms can give you a green thumb, year round, with little labor and expense.
  • Eden Growrooms can provide a profit center for your company, farm, or household by the sale of edible and medicinal plants all seasons of the year.
  • Eden Growrooms allow you to experiment and design all kinds of growing environments to be fit your desired result. Decrease a plants growing time and increase plant production outputs.
  • Eden Growrooms can store and save your outside plants through winter so when conditions are right you can bring them out and enjoy them when the weather is right.

Why not a Greenhouse?

  • Greenhouses are great but they can be expensive to control the climate inside.
  • Greenhouse are usually ran on a 24 hour cycle due to the fact they use sunlight.
  • Greenhouses are almost always harder to be climate controlled to specific tolerances.
  • Greenhouse generally use much more water as they are not airtight facilities.
  • Greenhouses are not practical in all locations. From deserts to the arctic, Eden Growrooms can be fully functional.
  • Greenhouses are less able to control pests and weeds since they are not air tight.

Why not a Normal Outdoor Garden?

  •  At most places, is only profitable during a certain time of the year and can have high labor costs.
  • Mostly reliant on weather conditions and are more prone to disease, bugs and pests.
  • Cannot provide a consistently control environment and can only be cycled on a 24 hour day.
  • Require precises conditions to work with less of a guarantee for intended crop production.
  • Cannot be implemented in all neighborhoods and cannot be easily grown in a dense city.