The Next Generation of Gardening is Here!


Eden Growrooms are environment enclosures specifically designed to allow users to have complete control of the growing climate inside. Optimize your plant production and quality of produce with your very own Eden Grow Room.


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Fresh Produce Year Round 

Imagine having fresh organic vegetables for your family year round no matter what the weather is doing in your area. Imagine having your own business supplying vegetables to a local market in your area. Imagine growing starter tomato plants from seed and selling them to customers in your area. Imagine being able to produce flowers that, before now, could not be grown outside a commercial laboratory. Imagine having the ability to grow medicinal plants for sale to the retail market. Eden Grow Rooms can do it all!

Perfect Environmental Control

Eden Growrooms are environmentally enclosed rooms designed for the growth and production of flora.  An Eden Growroom’s interior can be completeley controlled to a plant’s optimal growth environment.