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Fresh Produce Year Roundperson growing plants

Imagine having fresh organic vegetables for your family year round no matter what the weather is doing in your area. Imagine having your own business supplying vegetables to a supermarket in your area. Imagine growing starter tomato plants from seed and selling them to customers in your area. Imagine being able to produce flowers that, before now, could not be grown outside a commercial laboratory. Imagine having the ability to grow medicinal plants for sale to the retail market. Eden Grow Rooms can do it all and for a small investment.

Perfect Environmental Control

Eden Grow Rooms are environmentally enclosed rooms designed for the growth of plants including vegetables, herbs and flowers. An Eden Grow Room’s interior environment can be completely controlled to the plants’ optimal growth environment, unlike the outside weather that is unpredictable and always changing. Eden Grow Rooms allow plant growth all year round, 365 days a year.

Are you looking for fresh, organic vegetables and herbs to feed your family? Grow your own vegetables and herbs in an Eden Grow Room. With an Eden Grow Room you are in control of every aspect of the food you are feeding your family. Choose organic soils, fertilizers and growing media instead of pesticides and chemicals that are used to grow the produce you purchase from the grocery store. Adjust your lighting and temperature to the optimal settings for your plants. Every aspect of the growing process is controlled by you. Grow soilless with either hydroponics or aquaponics. The growth possibilities are endless in an Eden Grow Room.

Nothing Else Like It

Eden Grow Rooms are a new product line recently introduced to this industry. They are completely unique from any other growing avenue. Unlike grow tents; Eden Grow Rooms are completely air tight to ensure a controlled growing environment. Greenhouses are similar to an Eden Grow Room in that they offer a controlled environment. However, greenhouses are dependent Mother Nature’s sunlight while plants in a Grow Room gain energy for growth from grow lights that act as the sun and can be controlled.

The Growing Need

As the United States continues to build and increase in population, there is less and less opportunity for gardens, especially in large cities. Eden Grow Rooms provide a solution to this increasing problem. An Eden Grow Room can be installed anywhere and used for rooftop gardening or urban gardening in large cities. Install in a basement, rooftop, garage or outside, the possibilities are endless. Restaurant owners can provide fresh herbs and vegetables all year round; grocery stores can grow their own fresh plants to sell; food banks can grow their own food to provide to the less fortunate; farmers can easily start their crops with seed cultivating all with an Eden Grow Room.photo gallery

Buy and Equip Your Eden Grow Room

Eden Grow Rooms are sold through one of our partnered distributors/wholesalers that will provide everything needed to start growing in a Grow Room. They can provide everything from grow lights, LED lights, shelving, watering systems, trays, fans, blowers, filters, CO2 controllers and regulators, air conditioning/heat, as well as any other supplies needed for indoor gardening plant care.